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Daily Change in A/R and the End Of Day

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There are two reports you can be compared while performing the End Of Day to determine which event / play(s) and/or payments caused an A/R Balance to show in the End-Of-Day process,however, you need to take special care when comparing the reports and you need an understanding of their meaning.

  1. The first is the GL Journal Entry Summary By Account. We recommend all venues run this report on a daily basis to inform the Accounting department of the GL Transactions made by Theatre Manager. It is a complete account of all sales and payment activity entered into Theatre Manager for a period of time. An example of a GL Journal Entry Summary By Account report appears below:

  2. The other report you can use is the Payment Summary - Sales Transaction Allocation report. The AR amount on the Sales Transaction report fluctuates as the days progress, as tickets are sold and payments are received. Tickets sold, but not paid for, payments taken for tickets sold previously, ticket exchanges/upgrades/downgrades, or ticket refunds affect the Daily Change in AR. Therefore the Sales Transaction Allocation report cannot be used as an accurate measuring stick for allocating sales revenue to an event / play based on the payments received. An example of the Sales Transaction Allocation report appears below:

  3. The critical piece to compare is the date - and time - range of the two reports. To do this, you need to look at the General Ledger postings to find when the last posting in the previous End of Day occurred.

  1. Go to the Accounting>>General Ledger>>GL Entries menu.

  2. Search for the Journal entries for a week or so prior to the last End Of Day.

  3. Sort the report by the Date Posted column.

    Sorting will group the transactions in the order they were posted (matching each End-Of-Day process).

    The listing shows the last posting of the previous End Of Day was on May 2, 2011 at 2:15 PM. The Sales Transaction report will need to start at least one minute after the last posting (2:16 PM).

  4. Open the Sales Transaction Allocation report.

    Enter criteria to obtain transactions from 2:16 PM (one minute AFTER the previous End Of Day).

  5. Run the Sales Transaction Allocation report.

    The Sales Transaction Allocation report will now match the GL Journal Entry Summary by Account report.