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Cannot Post to the General Ledger

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Follow these steps if the user is unable to post to the general ledger in the End of Day wizard.  If a step does not fix the posting problem, proceed to the next step.



Has the End of Day been completed? If not, complete an End of Day.
Is it in balance? If not, review the instructions above on finding and fixing an imbalance.
Are account numbers missing? Check to make sure that all account numbers are entered in deposit and sales entry windows in End of Day.
>Are any GL entries unbalanced? Go into Accounting >> General Ledger >> G/L Entries, and make sure that all debits and credits are equal for each entry.
Is it a new fiscal year? If the organization is at or past year end, a Year End Roll Over needs to be completed. If the organization has not done a year end rollover, it will not be able possible to post GL entries in the new fiscal year. For more information on handling a Year End Roll Over, click here.
Are there any posting dates in the future? Check sales posting dates - are any in the future? Future dates cannot be posted.
Does the user have permission? Does the user have authorization/permission in the user ID permissions in the system to post? If not, the user will need to obtain permission.
Is your Merchant Provider different than TM? It is possible that Theatre Manager got a timeout sending a credit card, and if it was sent again with a force duplciate, you would expect this. Compare TM edit list with the authorization detail online at your merchant account and then void the extra in your online merchant account. If the deposit doesn't match, them please refer to solving merchant account Imbalance