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Balancing audit Messages in end of day

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During end of Day, you may occasionally see a window like the one below containing a list of discrepancies detected by Theatre Manager while it is attempting to balance It only appears if you need to do something about some failed transactions, refunds, or voids. If you do not see this window, there is nothing wrong and your end of day and nothing to do.

When you see this window:

  • Make the error column wider as it may give you enough information to help you diagnose the issues
  • Click 'Print Error List' to see actions that you might take to solve the problem which is included with the message description. See a sample report below.
  • Contact support if you need further explanation of the message and what to do.


Special Note on refund processing

Refunds are processed immediately by

If you do a lot of refunds before the sweep time and settle end of day after the sweep time, you may be told that you are out of balance by what seems to be the total amount of your refunds.

See explanation why processes refunds right away.