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Elavon (private) Installation

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The Elavon-Private Merchant account was written to process payments using Elavon as the processor and working in conjunction with an existing customized interface. This is only available to certain municipal organizations in Florida.

This section of the online help contains details on how to configure a Merchant Account in Theatre Manager to process payments, refunds and settle a batch using this interface.

The information that Theatre Manager requires from Elavon setup will be:

  • Agency ID: xxxxxxxxxx
  • Admin ID: xxxxxx
  • Password: xxxxxxxxxx
  • Primary URL for authorizations:
  • Port #: 443

The Agency ID, Admin ID and password will be sent in a document from Elavon. That document will also contain instructions for you to log in to the Elavon online gateway to activate your account. The Primary URL should be obtained from the IT company that setup the customized interface.