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Moneris EMV Devices for Box office

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Currently EMV Pinpads can only be used with Moneris and E-Select Plus Gateway. At time of writing it has been tested with
  • Verifone P400 (newer and recommended device) and
  • Ingeneco IP330 (original implementation of pin pad)
  • both of which are provided directly by Moneris.

Refer to accepting a payment on the payment window under credit card (EMV Pin Pad) to see how the process works. When using pinpads. you do not receive the credit card data for TM - so you cannot use this meothd for post dated payments and recurring sales.

These must be set up as a pin pad device and then must be associated with a workstation using Theatre Manager. Multiple workstations can use the same EMV device is you wish.
Pin Pads are settled during end of day. if you receive any message about an imbalance on a pin pad, please refer to the Moneris Pin Pad End Of Day troubleshooting tips.
If an EMV device is assigned to the workstation, the user simply selects any one of the credit card types as payment during the payment process, and Theatre Manager will activate the EMV device.
You may need to import a new ticket face for payments to satisfy Moneris signature & receipt requirements.