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P400 - Reversing Pin Pad Authorizations (cannot void or delete)

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If you are using a Moneris P400 connected to your workstation, you cannot void or delete a credit card entered using the pin pad.

Moneris does not support voiding in the pin pad because they require a log for each interaction. So you must refund.

You many see a button on the lower left that says Linked. IF you click on it and the original payment was taken online, you will be able to refund against that payment without needing the card.

Refunding a payment with the P400

Instead, you will need to

  • Add a payment to the order. Refer to the general process for more information.
    • Select a credit card payment method when it becomes time in the process from the first step.

      You will see a window like below:

    • Enter a NEGATIVE AMOUNT for the payment to indicate a refund.
    • (optionally), click the button to enter the card data manually if the customer gave you their card over the phone
  • Click the Refund Payment button. The customer's action change depending if you selected
    • Patron taps, inserts, or swipes card on EMV device:
      • the customer will need to tap or insert their card on the pin pad
      • The customer must be present at the box office with their credit card for them to do this.
    • Employee enters credit card manually into EMV
      • you will need to enter the full card number and expiry date on the pin pad since card data is never entered into TM.
      • This is useful for refunds when the customer is not present and they gave you their card over the phone.