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Where TM Data goes in Moneris

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It is sometimes helpful to know where card data goes in the merchant portal to troubleshooting and cross reference purposes. The above diagram shows how to cross reference date on the payment window in Theatre Manager and Moneris' online portal.

Data Sent by Theatre Manager to Moneris

  • Patron number, order number (that the payment is associated with) and current patron name is put into the Moneris Customer ID field. If you see this data in Theatre Manager, it should help you find the patron or order in TM, either by order number, patron number, or patron name. Note that since patron names can be changed at any time and patrons can be merged, order number(red lines)
  • Card and expiry date are sent to Moneris, which returns the authorization code. (orange lines)
  • Theatre Manager makes up a system wide unique number for Moneris to refer to thus specific payment authorization attempt (blue lines). They always look like TM-X-Y-ZZZZZZ where:
    • TM- means the authorization came from Theatre Manager. If it doesn't start with TM, somebody did it manually or via some other method.
    • X- is the unique number of the merchant record in Theatre Manager. This is in case you have set up multiple Moneris merchant accounts for different reasons. (eg one for box office and one for development - which is not really recommended
    • Y- is the TM outlet number that sent the authorization to Moneris
    • ZZZZZZ is a unique number generated by TM for each authorization attempt. If an attempt is made and fails, it will consume a number and the next attempt at authorization will use a new value for ZZZZZZ


Data returned to TM by Moneris

TM tracks the

  • Moneris Sequence number - which is a unique number generated by Moneris for successful authorizations.
  • Moneris Authorization Time - which is the date/time of day that the authorization occurred. If the dates are different, it will be because Theatre Manager has stored them in time zone adjusted time. (pink lines)