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Activate Moneris Account and Common Setup

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To activate your eSelectplus account and obtain your API Token:
  • Log into the Moneris online Merchant resource Centre
  • Click Activate My Store
  • You'll be asked to verify the information sent to you in the document from Moneris:
    • merchant account number
    • Store ID
    • Password:
      • if this is not the first time - enter your password
      • If this is the first time, then you'll be asked to create a password. The Username will need to be something memorable that can be shared among folks in the office who will have access to the Moneris Virtual Terminal online. The temporary password is a one-use password that will be changed upon the first log-in.
  • Proceed to generate your API Token
Future log-ins will require the Username, Store ID, and permanent password that you will set up using the one-use password. Make sure that information is stored somewhere safe in your office and shared among the appropriate staff. Arts Management will not have access to that information if it is lost.