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Moneris Hosted Checkout Page

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A Moneris Hosted Checkout Page is part of the Admin->Hosted Checkout config option.

Hosted Checkout option is used if you want Theatre Manager to use Moneris for online credit card payments with an embedded web page. It is possible to be SAQ A compliant for your web sales since Moneris takes the credit card within an iframe and card data does not enter your network.
If you use hosted payments for web sales, you will also need an E-Select plus account for settlement. Box office sales can use this same merchant account and will automatically authorize against the e-select plus account. This means that you only need one merchant account set up even though it is processing via different pathways, one for web and one for box office.
You may also be able to accept payments like apple-pay online, digital wallets, online interac, verified by visa, multi currency, etc. Make sure to talk to Moneris about what is possible and what you want to accept.
If you are already using Moneris Hosted Payment Page, refer to the conversion process to Moneris Checkout to see what is involved.
Note: using Moneris Checkout disables use of online post dated payments since card data is not provided by Moneris and, therefore, cannot be saved. Recurring Payments initiated by the box office will still work.

Setup Process

The best process to configure this option is:

  • Obtain your online portal connection information from Moneris
  • Configure all the settings within the online portal
  • Use the Theatre Manager Merchant Account Setup for Moneris Hosted Checkout Page
  • Verify all credit card types you want to take in payment method code tables
    • If you are already using Moneris hosted payments or box office payments, you may not need to do anything
    • If you plan on taking advantage of other credit card types online (that you may not want to accept in the box office), you will need to add them to the payment types.
    • It is very important that card types you set up online are in the payment code tables.
  • Test:
    • Authorizations through the TM Web services
    • Attempted Authorizations but Cancel through the TM Web services by going online to buy something (use test cards)
    • Verify the display on the web to see that it matches what ou picked in the online portal setup and shows your name and settings you wish
    • Voids from Theatre Manager
    • End of Day Settlement