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Payment Methods

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The Payment Methods Code Table is used for setting up various forms of payment types used to pay balances on orders such as credit cards, cash, interac, cheque, other, etc.
  • The payment Code is the abbreviated form that is found throughout Theatre Manager.
  • The Payment Method is the full description of the payment type that appears online and at the box office.
  • The G/L account column displays the GL asset account that a particular payment is posted to.
  • The Sort Order allows you to organize the payment method display order where paymetns are listed online and at the box office. this way you can put your commonly used items at the top of the list. Sort order is 10 characters, alphabetic
  • Payment types are one of:
    • Credit Card - can be used with merchant providers or EMV devices to authorize cards. You must have contracted wit your merchant provider to use each card type you want to accept.
    • EFT - (Electronic Funds Transfer) can be used, amongst other things, for post dated payments and produce an export file during end of day. The export file is formatted to your bank and will cause funds to be transferred from patrons to your account
    • System - are some special system payments that cannot be deleted (only inactivated) like cash, check, voucher, pass/gift certificate redemption and gift in kind. They cause Theatre Manager to behave in a distinct way and ask for special values that support the payment method.
    • Other - can be used for any other payment methods such as intra-campus PO's or payment entered in another system and recorded in TM - those which cannot be accommodated in the standard payment methods

There are some specific values for the payment code if the payment type is 'Credit Card'. These are:

  • VISA - for Visa
  • MCARD - for Mastercard
  • DISC - for Discover
  • DCCB - for Diners Club
  • INTRAC - for Interac (debit) in Canada - currently only supported for Moneris EMV cards. You cannot accept INTRAC without using an EMV device.
  • JCB - for JCB cards
  • UPAY - for Union Pay (Chinese branded)

This will ensure that Theatre Manager validates for the required number of numbers, and have the correct numeric algorithm. An error message is displayed if the numbers are not entered correctly, as this will assist in payments entered incorrectly. If the lookup values for these card types are changed, this verification does not occur. Other card types do not have automated edits.

Please refer to Rounding of Cash Payments if you are in Canada or another country that requires rounding of certain payment methods.

For information on how to access the payment method table click here.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.