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Payment Methods

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The Payment Methods Code Table is used for setting up various forms of payment types used to pay balances on orders such as credit cards, cash, debit, cheque, other, etc.
  • The payment Code is the abbreviated form that is found throughout Theatre Manager.
  • The result value is the full description of the payment type.
  • The account column displays the GL asset account that a particular payment is sent to.
  • The description column describes the GL account.

There are some specific values for the payment code if the payment type is 'Credit Card'. The result values of American Express, Diners Card, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Visa Card should be associated with the corresponding lookup values of AMEX, DINER, MCARD, DISC, and VISA.

This will ensure that Theatre Manager validates for the required number of numbers, and have the correct numeric algorithm. An error message is displayed if the numbers are not entered correctly, as this will assist in payments entered incorrectly. If the lookup values for these card types are changed, this verification does not occur. Other card types do not have automated edits.

Please refer to Rounding of Cash Payments if you are in Canada or another country that requires rounding of certain payment methods.

For information on how to access the payment method table click here.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.