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Inserting a New Payment Type

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Inserting a New Payment Type is used to add options to the Payment Methods category.

  1. Create a general ledger account number.

    Entering a new payment type in Code Tables requires entering a General Ledger Account number for the card type in the Chart of Accounts.

  2. Open Code Tables.

    Click Here to learn how to access the Code Tables Window.

  3. Click on Payment Method.

  4. Click the New button.

    The Payment Methods Insert Window opens.

  5. Enter the payment code.

    This is the short form of the payment description. This text appears as the code table lookup value.

  6. Enter the payment description.

    This is the full description of the type of payment that you are creating. This text appears as the code table result value.

  7. Enter the GL account number.

    This is the GL number that you created in step one. Type in the full 8 digit account number or use the drop down list on the right side of this field to manually select the account number.

  8. Select the payment type.

    Click on the radio button that best describes the type of payment method you are inserting.

  9. Select mandatory fields.

    If a customer is paying via credit card, you must decide which credit card fields must be entered before payment can be accepted. The fields you may make mandatory are credit card number, credit card expiry date, credit card authorization number, and process card via credit card server. The last selection is available using Theatre Manager's Credit Card Authorization.

    Selecting yes for any of these fields makes them mandatory fields.

  10. Select the Merchant Charges tab.

    For Credit Card processing a Merchant #, Service Charge G/L Account Number and Percent of Dollar Value or Dollar Charge Per Transaction are required.

  11. Click the Save button.

    The new payment type has now been created and is ready for use.