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Province/State Code

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The Province/State Code Table is a list of Provinces and States in North America and recognized American states throughout the world. This list is primarily used for Web Sales.

The name Province can be changed to State (and vice versa) in the Appearance tab of Company Preferences. For more information on changing the title click here. Altering the Sort Value allows you to determine whether Provinces or States appear at the top of the list. They are assigned to Groups which sorted alphabetically. Each Province/State is then sorted numerically within the group.

For example, Provinces might be in Group 'A', and States in group 'B'. Within the Group, you would assign the Provinces A01, A02, A03, etc. The States would be given Sort Values of B01, B02, B03, etc. Since A comes before B, the Provinces would come above the States in the list. American users would do the opposite.

Depending on the region a default can be set. For more information on setting a Province or State as default click here.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.