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Appearance Tab

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The appearance tab allows the change to the titles of common fields. A common example is province / state if the company is located in a country which uses 'states' Simply change the value to the right of the descripiton below (the text column) and click the Save button.

Changing these values will change the corresponding information on the web site - so care should be taken to pick words that both you and your patrons are familiar with to establish a common vocabulary.

Some examples of alternate titles are listed below.

Donor Donor, Sponsor
Donation Donation, Gift
Event Event, Play, Show, Game, Rodeo, Movie
Festival Seating Festival, General
Household Household, Family
Internet Fee Internet Fee, Convenience Fee
Media Media, Press
Member Member, Voucher, Pass, Gift Certificate
Membership Membership, Pass, Certificate
Patron Patron, Customer, Client
Performance Performance, Show
Personnel Personnel, Volunteer, Actor, Staff
Postal Code Postal Code, Zip Code
Province Province, State, Territory
Seat Seat, Chair
Section Section, Door
Social Security Social Security, Social Insurance
Spouse Spouse, Partner, Parent
Ticket Type Regular, Subscription, Group Sales, Fundraising Events
Venue Venue, Theatre, Arena