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Donations Tab

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This tab allows the setting of the default setting for a number of features for donation management such as:
  • the patron's name in the program when a donation is received.
  • Charitable number (required in Canada)
  • Typical number of donation receipts to print (normally 3 on individual receipts in Canada, 1 on statement receipts0
  • Last used tax receipt number (normally starts at 0 and is never changed)
  • Facsimile Signature for the tax receipt

Donation Program Recognition Name

This options determine the default program recognition name for a donation when it is entered to try to save you time. Each donation has its own recognition since a patron can give many times and may want to be recognized differently depending on the amount and/or purpose of the donation.

You can over-ride the default behaviour for a patron by entering a specific publication name on their patron record. While normally blank, a donor specific publication name might be useful for foundations, government grants and other such agencies.

Even if the default program name is suggested based on these rules, it can be changed at time of entry (or after the fact) to be anything desired such as Anonymous or some thing for In Memoriam of ... or In Honor of ...

Last Name, First Name If selected the name of the donor will appear on the program derived based on Last Name, First Name - if the publication name is not entered in the patron record.
First Name, Last Name If selected the name of the donor will appear on the program as First Name Last Name - if the publication name is not entered in the patron record.
Formal Name If selected the name of the donor will appear on the program as Formal Name that is in the patron record - if the publication name is not entered in the patron record.

Misc Donation Information

Next Contact Date The default number of months to set for the next contact with a donor. This value can be changed on a per-donation basis to override the default.

Donation Tax Receipts

Signature for Tax Receipts This is a facsimile signature to print at the bottom of a tax receipt. Revenue Canada has some strict rules regarding their use and acceptability for tax receipts. Facsimile signature are NOT the same as the electronic signatures and encryption required for emailing receipts.

Note: we recommend that the signature be a png with a transparent background (so that it lays on top of any colour or background on your pre-printed forms)

If you are going to enable online tax receipting, you should enter a signature and make sure there is a company report logo as well.
The space allotted for signatures on tax receipts has an aspect ratio of 3.75" wide and 0.75" high. Any signature image you place into this field that is not that size will be scaled up or down to match that ratio -AND- the reports will maintain the aspect ration of any picture you put in.

For best results, try to put in a image that is the size above (or has the same ratio if its not exactly the specified size).

Charitable Number The organization's government-issued Charitable Organization Number.
Government Web Site Revenue Canada requires that all tax receipts have their specific donation related web site on every tax receipt. If you enter the web site here, it will print on your tax receipts. if you leave it blank, it will not, but you will then need to preprint it on you charitable receipt forms.

There is an IRS web site a well - to our knowledge it is not mandatory on charitable receipts.

# of Copies The number of copies of the donation receipt to print.
Last Tax Receipt # This indicates the last used tax receipt number. The net printed receipt will take on the first number greater than this.

You can change this number forward, or backward. You will receive a message similar to the one the on the right to alert you that this is not a recommended action to skip receipt numbers.

Note: receipt numbers cannot be reused. If Theatre Manager discovers a receipt number that is used for a donation or was previously used and is now unprinted, it will skip to the next available receipt number automatically.

This means printing a receipt, un-printing it, and then printing a new receipt will always result in a NEW receipt number, even if you roll back the last receipt number.

Starting Address Height The space to leave between the top of the receipt and the address.
3 per 8.5x11" page Prints three receipts per 8.5x11" page.
4 per 8.5x14" legal page Prints four receipts per 8.5x14" page.
Comment or Issuing Location The general message on the receipt for every donation.