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Promotion Sales Groups

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Sales Promotions are able to be grouped into letter codes to help make them easier to read on a report. By assigning a letter to a group of Sales Promotions, you can categorize them in a report by their similarities. For example, you can use the letter 'S' to indicate all the Season Sales Promotions (Early Bird, Season, Flex Season) into one category. Then when running reports, you can run them based on Report Subtotal Group 'S', rather than selecting the promotions one by one. In addition, when running full reports on an event, you can subtotal all your

A - Single Ticket Sales (regular, 2 for 1, General Admission).
D - Special Benefit Promotions (Dinner, Opening Gala, Development Events).
G - Group Tickets (Senior homes, Brownies).
M - Media Tickets (Critics, Editors).
S - Season Tickets (Earlybird, Season).
Z - Comp Tickets (Listed with a 'Z' so they appear last in reports)

Or any categorization you choose.

You can set names for these categories so they are more meaningful to your organization in the Code Table setup for Promotion Sales Group.

For information about editing values in code tables, click here.