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Direct Processing vs Hosted Payment

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Theatre Manager supports the following Moneris processing options:
  • Moneris Gateway Account - where Theatre Manager sends a credit card provided to Moneris, receives the approval and is able to store the encrypted card (depends on PCI settings in company preferences). This option is used for box office credit card authorizations -and- for web sales with the benefit of supporting post dated credit card payments is using PCI schedule C.
  • Hosted Payment Page - this option can be used for web sales. Instead of accepting credit cards, the web interface passes control to the Moneris Hosted Payment Page, meaning that the customer is actually typing the card information directly into Moneris and Theatre Manager never sees it.

    Note that this same account needs e-select plus setup for settlement. It means box office can use the one merchant account for hosted payment online and normal credit card authorization at the box office. This helps support PCI Schedule 'A-EP' compliance for internet sales.

  • Moneris EMV - Moneris supports cloud based connection to some EMV pin-pad devices. Those can be set up as a pin pad device and associated with a workstation using Theatre Manager. This helps support PCI Schedule 'B-IP' compliance for box office.
Moneris charges far too much money for their merchant profile feature. For this reason it is not recommended for use with Theatre Manager.