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Transaction Not Allowed: ind_refund -5

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Independent Refunds is a Moneris add-on feature. You must contact them if you receive the message below and you want to issue refunds to patron's credit cards.

Your Moneris merchant account and/or your Store ID may need to be setup to process Independent Refunds if you want to allow credit card refunds in Theatre Manager. Since this is entirely a dependant on Moneris and how they setup your merchant account, enabling independent refunds requires that you:

  • Tell them that you want to issue refunds to credit cards
  • MONERIS may ask you for additional banking information
  • Test out a refund for a small amount to ensure it works, other wise you'll get the message above

Even if the merchant account is enabled for refunds and refunds can be performed through the web portal, Independent Refunds must be enabled for the Store ID before a refund will be accepted by Moneris from Theatre Manager.

Should Moneris detect suspicious activity on the account they could remove the option to process Independent Refunds to protect the account from fraud. To enable this feature once more the person who setup the Moneris account will need to contact them directly. A verbal request to enable Independent Refunds will need to be made and the following information well be required throughout the call:

  • Merchant Account Number & Store ID
  • Full Business Address
  • Deposit Bank Name
  • Deposit Bank Account Number
Once the request is complete a reference number will be provided. Moneris will telephone the contact person within a week to verify the account settings have been altered. Please make sure Moneris has the correct contact telephone number on file before completing the call.