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Payment Method Credit Card (EMV Pin Pad)

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EMV Pin Pads are only valid for Moneris at this time.
You can verify the correct communication steps are occurring with the pin pad device by looking at the web listener log for EMV devices
If you expect to do a lot of manual card entries into the pin pad machine from phone sales, then please make sure your Authorization Timeout is 90 seconds - or at least sufficiently long enough to handle the process of manually putting the card number into the pinpad and getting an authorization.
Moneris does not allow voiding payments taken via a pin pad. Instead, you must create a REFUND payment


Payment Method Description and instructions on use
Credit Card (EMV Pin Pad)
  1. Select ANY credit card type from the Payment Method drop down.

    It doesn't matter which card you pick if all are being processed by the pin pad. The EMV device will determine that card automatically and send that back to Theatre Manager. It allows the customer to use debit, credit, apple pay or any other approved device without needing to tell you.

  2. Verify the Payment Amount

    If this will be a partial payment, change the payment amount

  3. Card Entry Option

    • Patron taps, inserts or swipes the card on the EMV device. The default usage for an EMV device taking a payment (or doing a refund) is to enable the pin pad so that the patron taps, inserts, or swipes their card on the device and selects options as appropriate for Visa, INTERAC, etc.
    • Employee enters credit card manually into the EMV device. ONLY CLICK THIS if you are doing a phone or mail order and you need to manually type in the credit card and expiry date on the EMV device.

      Do not use this optionif the customer is present and they will be tapping, inserting chip card, swiping the credit card, or using something like Apple-Pay.

  4. Click the Accept Payment button:
    • The EMV device will activate and a message will appear on screen.
    • If a card is accepted successfully, the payment window will close.
    • If there is an issue with card acceptance, to start over you may need to:
      • use the red cancel button on the on the pinpad. This may also close the wait screen in TM.
      • if not, click cancel on the Theatre Manager screen as well
You many see a button on the lower left that says Type Card if you have been given permission to bypass use of the EMV device for manual card entry in employee security setup

This feature allows you to type the card, expiry, cvv2 into Theatre Manager and select a billing address. Payments taken this way allow future linked refunds, yet increase your PCI audit scope to Schedule 'C' or 'D'