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Contractual Payment

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Contractual Payments are used to maintain the order date, deposit date amount, final payment date amount, co-payer payment date amount. It is not applicable for most sales. However, it may be useful for educational or group sales where there is an initial deposit and a final payment due date. Or, if a second patron is paying a portion of the ticket order for example a granting agency for educational tickets), you can track who is to be co-invoiced.

  1. Click the Contractual Tab in the Payment view of the Orders Window.

    Click Here for a detailed description of this window and it's functions.

  2. Enter the date and the amount of the initial deposit.
  3. Enter the final payment due date.
  4. If their is a Co-Payer enter there patron number.

    You can also use the Patron icon to search for a patron. Click Here for more information on finding patrons using the contact list.

  5. Enter the payment date and amount that the co-payer is contributing.
  6. Return to the Detail tab.
  7. Complete the payment process. Click here for more information.