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Transferring Payments from One Order to Another

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These instructions will guide you though the process of transferring a payment from one order to another. If a payment has been accepted for the wrong purchase it can be corrected by transferring the payment from within the Patron Payment Window.

You can only transfer payments between orders for the same patron, not between patrons.
There is also a feature that allows using a single payment to pay for multiple orders

Sometimes this may be better than transferring the payment if the payment is a credit card, especially if your merchant provider only allows linked refunds. Transferring a card payment to another order will affect ability to refund.

This circumstance can happen, if a sale is refunded from an order but no refund payment is applied. This means, On Account, then a new sale is created and the order is paid On Account. This results in two orders in a patron record, one will show money is owed to the patron and a second showing the patron owes money. It will reflect on the Receivables Based on Order Balances report traditionally run with the End of Day Reports. See the following example.

Click here for more information on the End of Day Reports.
  1. Find the Patron with the payment to be transferred.

    Click here for information on finding Patrons.

  2. Click on the Payment Tab in the Patron Record to display a list of payments.

  3. Locate the payment you want to transfer and single click to highlight it.
  4. Click the Transfer button located at the bottom of the window.

    The Transfer Payment window opens.

  5. Click the Order lookup button to display a list of the patron's payments.

  6. Single Click on the payment in the list you want to transfer.

  7. Click the Select button.

    The selected order information now appears in the transfer payment window.

  8. Click the Transfer button.

    The payment is now transferred to the selected order.