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Reversing Payments

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Once a payment has been deposited in Theatre Manager you cannot just delete it. A correcting entry must be placed in the General Ledger.

  1. Open the Patron Order Tab.

    Click Here for a detailed description of this window and it's functions.

  2. Select the order you would like to add a payment reversion towards.
  3. Click the Payment button.

    The Payment window will open. If the outstanding balance for the order is $0.00 the following confirmation window will open.

  4. Click the Yes to Continue

  5. Select the prior payment type.

    If the prior payment type is unknown the Prior Payment tab can be selected. For more information on the Prior Payment tab click here.

  6. Enter the refund amount.

  7. Enter any other applicable information.
  8. Click the Accept Payment button.

    A Payment Warning dialog opens.

  9. Click the Yes button.

    The Process Another Payment window will appear.

  10. Click the No button to close the payment window or the Yes button to add a new payment to the order.