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EFT Payments

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An electronic fund transfer (EFT) moves money from one account to another. The accounts can be at the same financial institution or two different financial institutions. The transaction is done electronically through the banking system network.

EFT transactions are also referred to as electronic banking. Everything is done paper-free, so there isn’t a need for cash or paper cheques/checks.


How does an EFT payment work?

In Canada, EFT payments are submitted through a secure web portal provided by the bank. The EFT payments are then processed by each bank withing their own secure network to transfer the funds between accounts.

In the USA, EFT payments are processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. ACH is a secure system that connects all U.S. financial institutions.

Because the financial institutions are connected, when the patron authorizes the electronic transfer of funds, the money will be taken from the patron's bank account and deposited directly into the venue's bank account.


Will Theatre Manager automatically submit the EFT file to my bank for processing?

No. Due to the requirement of submitting the EFT file through your bank's secure web portal and most banks limiting all direct file submission from 3rd party applications, Theatre Manager is unable to do it automatically. Theatre Manager will prepare, track, and create the EFT file that needs to be submitted for processing. It is the responsibility of the organization to submit the EFT file through the bank's secure web portal.


When does Theatre Manager create the EFT file that I can submit to my bank for processing?

During the End of Day process. The request to prepare and create the EFT file is initiated by the box office after the End-Of-Day Deposit process has been completed. Each file request and the frequency of those file requests is completely under your control. Theatre Manager does not mandate any specific schedule.


Where can EFT payments can be accepted in Theatre Manager?

Everywhere a typical payment can be entered via the box office.
  • through the payment window as a one time withdrawal
  • through the dated payment window for:
    • offering a 3 payment option for a Season Subscription
    • offering a 3 payment option for a Theatre School Class
    • offering a monthly installment plan for year long membership
    • offering a monthly installment plan for a donation campaign
    • ... using it as an effective way to save on credit card fees charged by the banks
  • for Recurring Donations
  • for Auto-Renewal Season Subscriptions


Setup Preperation for Accepting EFT Payments

The process for setup EFT payments is treated as a standard payment method accepted in the box office.

  1. Create a Merchant Provider for the Financial Institution where your bank account resides.
  2. Create an EFT Payment Method linked to the Merchant Provider.
  3. Set Employee Security - Functions for those employees who can create the EFT File for Submission to the financial instituation.


Daily Activity for Accepting EFT Payments

The process for accepting EFT payments is straight forward and is treated as just another payment method accepted in the box office. In this situation, you'll be asking to have the patron provide their bank account information.

  1. Accept EFT payments as a form of payment.


Creating the EFT File containing Patron's Payments

At a pre-determed time when you're ready to submit an EFT file for processing:

  1. Complete the Deposit the EFT Payments through the End-of-Day Wizard.
  2. Create the EFT File for Submission.
  3. Submit the EFT File to your Financial Institution for processing.