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Authorization Tab

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The Authorization tab allows your organization to define some specifics around how the credit card merchant handles authorizations and refunds

If following the setup steps for EMV PinPads for Moneris, you must enter the StoreID and API Key you receive from Moners into this tab otherwise pin pads will not work.

Otherwise you may see a message like the one to the right if you try pair the devices.

Parts of the Authorization Tab

Duplicate Authorization Settings

Box Office Duplicates Force without Notify checkbox - Transactions to the same card for the same value will not receive a warning indicating a possible duplicate charge to the credit card when checked. It is recommended you leave this unchecked
Force Without Notify Transactions to the same card for the same value will not receive a warning indicating a possible duplicate charge to the credit card when checked.
Internet Duplicates Choice of three Options:
  • Duplicate Forcing - Transactions to the same card for the same value will not be processed via the internet.
  • Always Force Duplicates - Transactions to the same card for the same value will be allowed via the internet.
  • Smart Force Duplicates - Theatre Manager will determine if the transaction should be processed based on the transaction details.
  • Smart Checking is recommended

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention Send Address/Zip - Zip code and address is sent with the credit card information during processing for verification. This information can decrease processing fees in the USA where applicable.
Some merchant providers charge for this feature. Also be aware that making it mandatory in your web banking merchant account might cause some card rejections. We advise NOT needing strict AVS matching

Send Card Swipe Data - Card swipe data is sent during processing for verification. This can decrease processing fees where applicable.

If your merchant provider complains about sending swipe data, you might want to turn this feature off

Send CVV2/CID number - Send the CVV2 number from the back of the card.

  • Turning off this option means you pay a higher rates on cards (As of late 2018, turning it off may not be allowed by the credit card companies).
  • Turning it on means you should also require collection of CVV2 for each credit card payment method in code tables
  • IP Address Blocking - Allows the merchant provider to block web sales to specific IP Addresses.

    1st Transaction can be refund - Some merchant providers (notably Global Payments acting on behalf of some Banks) may not authorize the first couple of transactions if they are refunds, as a fraud prevention tool. The rules are actually set by the Bank and each service provider follows them. The best approach is to avoid a refund as the first transaction..

    It is recommended you leave this checkbox blank if you are using Global Payments. For other merchant providers, you can allow refunds as first transaction.

Misc Authorization Settings

Timeout Maximum time, in seconds, Theatre Manager will try to process a card:
  • 30 seconds is recommended when typing a card number into TM and then clicknig 'accept payment' to submit the card to the credit card company.
  • 90 seconds is recommended if using a Moneris P400 pin pad to allow for phone orders whee the user needs to manually typing the card number into the P400
Note: TM will wait for a response from the credit card provider up to the time out. If the credit card provider does not tell TM that it authorized the card in that time period, you can try again. Be aware that the credit card provider could still have authorized the first attempt. You will find out about that during end of day reconciliation and may have to void it to balance.
Last Transaction Displays the last tranaction number at the server

Refund Capability Settings (Varies by Merchant Provider and Agreement)

The Credit Card refund capabilities vary by merchant provider and your agreement with them. Merchant providers instituted strong rules for fraud prevention and you may find that you need to ask them for capabilities if you cannot refund credit cards. These options indicate what your contractual agreement is with them and tells Theatre Manager how to attempt to refund money.

Allow Independent Refunds Independent refunds are when you enter the patron's credit card and refund any amount to that card. This is how credit cards worked for decades until merchant providers decided to limit this capability.

Refer to the rules for Independent refunds and possible errors before turning this on.

Note: you must have encrypted card data for the patron, a prior merchant profile set up for them, or contact the patron for a full credit card number in order to do independent refunds.

Allow Linked Refunds Linked Refunds were created by visa/mastercard to force merchants to only return money to the original card for up to the amount charged on the card to avoid fraud.

Enabling this means your merchant provider allows it. Also set the time frame so that TM knows how far back in time the payment may be before the linked refund might be denied.

You can contact your merchant provider and they may increase the amount of time allowed.

Allow Linked Refunds on Same Day Payments Some merchant providers seem to disallow linked refunds on the same day. That might mean you have to void the transaction before doing end of day in order to create the refund.
Timeframe The number of days since the payment was made in which a linked refund is likely to be authorized. For any payment older than that number of days, the refund is likely to be denied.

Associated EMV Pin Pads (currently Moneris Only)

StoreId The store ID for pinpads for Moneris
API Key The API key for pinpads for Moneris