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Currency Tab

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Normally, credit card accounts are in the same currency for the country you reside in. If you are able to process credit cards in another currency, then you need to know what that is. And it needs to be in your currency exchange table. When a credit card is processed Theatre manager will:

  • Pay the local currency against the order (that is, US Dollars in the US, Canadian Dollars in Canada)
  • Charge the foreign currency equivalent against the Credit Card provider
  • Create an offset for the difference against a foreign exchange account.
  • Setup on this tab is particularly important if you are accepting foreign currencies on your website. Click here for more information.

    For more information about setting up Currency Exchange details and rates, click here.

    Parts of the Currency Tab

    Currency Country
    Select the desired country from the Currency Country drop down.
    Exchange Account
    Enter a G/L Account to allocate the difference from the exchange rate.