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Settlement Tab

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Parts of the Settlement Tab

This is the maximum time, in seconds, that Theatre Manager expects to take to send the completed deposit batch to the bank. Normally, 120 seconds is enough for most processors but if you have larger batches or are using some terminal based authorization, you may need to alter this value.

The time out is how long Theatre Manager will wait for a response from the processor before giving up and telling you that it was unable to get any response. If a response is received from the bank processor within that time frame, no errors are generated.

Settle Batch Frequency
Indicates the number of days that Theatre Manager will allow process credit cards without settling the batch. After this threshold is exceeded without doing an End of Day, Theatre Manager will display a warning message telling you to close the batch and will not accept any credit cards at the box office.

Web sales ignores this setting and will process credit cards even if the batch has not been settled.

Notify on Quit
If checked, an employee will be notified that a batch needs settled when they quit Theatre Manager if it finds any credit cards older than one day that are not yet deposited. In other words, you will only be told if there are cards from a previous day that have not been deposited.
Deposit Status
This field is checked when an end of day is in process AND a credit card deposit is currently being done for this merchant account through Theatre Manager. You cannot check this box, you can only uncheck it if you are 100% sure there is no settlement occurring for this merchant account (i.e. nobody has end of day open). Unchecking it will reset the end of day and allow a settlement to occur.