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Payment Method Variations

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Changing the payment method will change the area on this window to be specific to the needs of the payment method. For example, credit card payments need a credit card. Cash payments have different needs.

refer to the following sub windows to see how things changed for some key payment methods

  • Cash
  • Check or Cheque if in Canada
  • Credit Cards
  • Coupons that might be applied to create a discount (like a 50% off coupon)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer which helps setup up a special file to send to banks to cause direct deposit.
  • Passes, Gift Certificates, or Membership Redemptions. This payment method is used to redeem Passes and Gift Certificates that have been sold to other patrons in the past and have been presented for redemption at the box office (or online).
  • Gift In Kind which means that the patron is paying for their order using an item like a desk, advertising, sheep, donuts, lunch credits, etc - anything that the bank will not process
  • On account which means no payment method is being taken now - it will be applied later
  • Other which is representative of
    • any of the other 'custom' payment methods you may have created in your payment method code table.
    • Promissory Note is used to mark an order with a payment flag indicating that you have received a copy of a voucher promising payment from a customer and may have to refer to that in a future billing. Could be used for concierge orders from hotels
    • The word 'other' might be replaced by your choice of words like Purchase Order, Stock Gift, etc