Moneris EMV Devices for Box office

Currently EMV Pinpads can only be used with Moneris and E-Select Plus Gateway. At time of writing it has been tested with
  • Verifone P400 (recommended device)

Refer to accepting a payment on the payment window for EMV Pin Pad credit cards to see how the process works and how similar it is to other payment methods. When using pinpads, you do not receive the credit card data for TM - so you cannot use this method for post dated payments and recurring sales.

Please refer to Moneris EMV PinPad Setup Steps to see how to integrate with Theatre Manager.

EMV devices must be set up as a pin pad device and then must be associated with a workstation using Theatre Manager. Multiple workstations can use the same EMV device is you wish.
Pin Pads are settled during end of day. if you receive any message about an imbalance on a pin pad, please refer to the Moneris Pin Pad End Of Day troubleshooting tips.
If an EMV device is assigned to the workstation, the user simply selects any one of the credit card types as payment during the payment process, and Theatre Manager will activate the EMV device.
You may need to import a new ticket face for payments to satisfy Moneris signature & receipt requirements.

Moneris Pin Pad Setup Steps

The following is the general list of steps you have to follow to get the Moneris EMV pin pad to work with Theatre Manager at the box office or for other departments.

Theatre Manager is designed that the EMV devices can be shared between workstations. However, you probably want one for each box office window and one for the rest of the office to manually enter cards.

You can use Moneris EMV devices, even if you still want to use your existing provider. You just need to set up an EMV only merchant account in Theatre Manager.
Note: check the firmware version of your pinpad. Version 19.05 works. 19.06 is known to be broken. Contact Moneris to get them to fix it.


Pre-Preparation Steps (with Moneris) for CLOUD EMV DEVICES (P400)

You will need a Moneris E-Select+ account. You need to contact Moneris for this - Arts Management cannot arrange one.

  • If you DO NOT HAVE an E-Select+ account, contact Moneris. It might involve changing you merchant provider - and you might want to talk to the support team about:
    • pro's/con's of changing completely to Moneris and/or
    • feature comparison of Moneris to other providers and/or
    • OR (if you want), you can keep your existing merchant provider and only use Moneris for EMV pin pad authorizations.
  • If you have an E-select+, contact your Moneris representative to arrange for the number of P400 cloud connected device you think you need. Theatre Manager can share EMV devices amongst workstations. However, you probably want:
    • one for each box office window and
    • may one for the rest of the office to manually enter cards.
Moneris should provide you with merchant information and EMV Device setup information. Work with Moneris to get it set up in E-select+
Very Important: DO NOT allow Moneris to settle the EMV devices automatically at a preset time each day. Theatre Manager will settle the devices during end of day to make accounting far more straightforward.


Theatre Manager Setup Steps (after you have your EMV devices)

Once you have your Moneris information and pin pads, follow these steps in Theatre Manager:

Step Item General Instructions
1 Turn off Power saving The pin pad requires a constant connection to the database while the authorization is occurring. there are two things to do:
2 Plug in the Pin Pad Download this abridged version of the Moneris P400 installation instructions and follow it until the steps say come back to this web page to do the remainder of the steps
  • Make sure to use the Moneris Cloud Setup
  • Plug the ethernet cable into an ethernet jack
  • Set the Pin Pad to use Dynamic IP address
3 Moneris Merchant Account Make sure you have a Moneris Merchant Account set up in Theatre Manager. I you already have a moneris account for hosted payments or web sales, you likely should use the same one.

On the authorization tab in the pin-pad area, please:

  • enter the StoreID and
  • enter API key provided by Moneris
  • change the authorization timeout to be at least 90 seconds to allow for manual entry of card data for phone orders
4 Plug in EMV Devices Physically plug the EMV devices in, power them up and connect them to your ethernet network.

Place the devices where you think they will be best used for your box office and administration areas. The EMV devices will go through a startup process and should eventually show a screen with a pairing number on them.

5 Create Device Records In Theatre Manager, open the Device List. For each pin pad that you have:
  • Create a new EMV device
  • Enter the relevant information on the above help page
  • Click the Pair button. Theatre Manager will ask for the pair code for that device. If pairing occurs successfully, the device will no longer show the pair code.
  • Repeat for all EMV pin pads that you've received.

If pairing does not occur:

  • Make sure the merchant account is set to the one you are using for Moneris (see step 1)
  • Make sure the pin pad is on, connected to the internet and is showing the pair code (see step 2)
  • Make sure the setup data about the pin pad is entered properly (step 3)
  • Contact Moneris to make sure that the pin pad is set to 'cloud' setting
  • Try the 'pair' process again for the same device
6 Edit Hardware Preferences After pairing all devices in as above, you will need to go to each workstation and decide which EMV device is associated with the workstation.
  • Log in to the workstation - any user is fine
  • Edit the Hardware Preferences and
  • associate each computer with one of the pin pads setup in step 3. e.g:
    • Each box office window computer could be associated with its own device.
    • All Admin computers could be associated with a common device for manual card entry.
7 Payment Receipts You will need to import a new payment receipt ticket face designed specifically to satisfy Moneris signature & receipt requirements
8 Setting up Payment Methods
  • If you are currently using Moneris for all credit card authorization, skip to step 7
  • If you are switching all your merchant processing to moneris, follow instructions on converting to a new merchant
  • If you are going to use Moneris for EMV devices only, in conjunction with your existing merchant provider, you will need to:
    • Add duplicate credit card in payment methods code tables
    • For each CC payment method you take like: VISA, MC, DINR, etc -and-
    • Assign to your new Moneris merchant account record
Make sure you have a payment method INTRAC to handle debit card payments in the payment methods code tables
9 Restart Theatre Manager
10 Optional tests
  • Go to the device list, edit each device setup and try the PinPad Totals button - to see authorization amounts and counts for each pinpad.
  • Try your end of day:
    • You will get a new batch and deposit # for each EMV device
    • Each device will be closed and summarized into its own GL Entry
    • Reports will show the separate batches
    • If an EMV device is out of balance, you will see an error message during end of day
  • View a receipt in the payment record for a patron who you accepted an EMV authorization for.
  • Have a look at all the payment requests that were taken, even including the failed or declined cards. You may need to come here and ask for support if your EMV device is out of balance.

    You can also go to patrons, orders and various other places from here

  • Print a real ticket receipt for a payment taken via EMV to make sure they appear correctly on your ticket stock on your printer
11 Debugging If you are having trouble with getting pinpad authorization to work, there are some troubleshooting tips:
  • Enable outgoing firewall rules for the url specified for the device in the device setup. Currently, it is This is required for all:
    • workstations paired to the pinpad device -and-
    • all the web listeners.
    • Refer to Router/Firewall Rules for more info.
  • You can verify the correct communication steps are occurring with the pin pad device by looking at the web listener log for EMV devices
  • If the pin pad is communicating with Moneris and retrieving data, you can look at pin pad receipts, transaction data, and Moneris responses using Pin pad Request List. This list shows both successful authorizations and declines.
  • If all cards are beling declined with an error code 069 and a message like Bad Message Error/No CVM Results, please contact Moneris and have them configure the CAT indicator for the PinPad to be card present.
  • You can test the OpenTotal command on the device setup. This interrogates a pinpad for current charges and refunds, if any. This command is used by end of day and if you cannot do this or get permission denied, please contact Moneris to have them fix it

Moneris Receipt Ticket Faces

Payment receipts are optional and can be printed on demand. However, if you have customers who request a receipt, Moneris has specific requirements if the payment was made using EMV devices.

We have created one you can download and import that meets Moneris requirements and is designed specifically for the P400.

If you need to print receipts for Moneris Pin Pad authorizations, you will need to set up your ticket faces as follows:
  • Download a template Moneris EMV ticket face from the ArtsMan web site
  • Unzip the file so that you see the MonerisEMVTicketFace.tmf file on your desktop
  • Open the list of Ticket Faces window which should look similar to the image to the right.
    • Click the Import button at the top of the window
    • look for the file called MonerisEMVTicketFace.tmf on your desktop and import it
    • after importing the new ticket face, it will appear in the list of ticket faces. Look for the ticket face number of this Moneris EMV ticket face in the list. It will be used in the next step

You have now imported a ticket face file. You can now edit this ticket face if you want to make any additional customized changes to the receipt layout based on any possible ticket face background images you may have preprinted on the ticket stock.


Additional Steps to implement the ticket face


After importing the ticket face, you will have to decide a few things on the company preferences Ticket Faces Tab under the section Credit Card Receipts. All the fields/options in this area may need adjustment.

  • Receipt Ticket - Change the ticket face number there to be the one you recorded above
  • Print Receipts - has 3 options to consider:
    • Automatically for Patron Present. Moneris give you the option of always printing a receipt, or only printing a receipt on demand. We recommend only printing a receipt on demand. Uncheck this option unless you always want to print are receipt of the ticket printer for any credit card payment.
    • Automatically for Telephone and Mail Order. Moneris may require a signature for card numbers typed into the EMV machine for payments taken over the phone since the card is not present. Check this option if you wish, although we recommend not. The better alternative is to batch print the receipt along with tickets if emailing or holding at will call. The receipt should automatically include a signature line.
    • Prompt User if receipt required If you are unsure if you want to print receipts for tapped in chip/pin authorizations, but you want to give the patron the choice, you can check this option.
      • We recommend not to since this adds an extra prompt you have to agree to when selling payments at the box office.
      • If you don't print the receipt you can go to the payment window and print a receipt if asked.
      • For years, most people have neither asked for nor requireda reeipt. This is even more true these days of social distancing.
      • again, receipts can always be batch printed for will call or mail to patron tickets.
  • Print Receipts xx times. This is designed for situations where you, the merchant, want a receipt copy as well as the customer. It you always, print for the customer, enter 1. If you want one for yourself as well, enter 2.

    Moneris does not require you to print one for yourself if they are stored electronically and can be reprinted. Theatre Manager stores all payments and Moneris EMV responses precisely for this purpose so you can reprint later if need be. We suggest not printing a merchant copy in this electronic age.