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Device List Window

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Access the list of devices ato edit them or set up some more from the Setup->System Tables->Devices menu item.

Before they can be used, these devices must be
  • Set up, as per the information in this section
  • Then, associated with a workstation for each workstation. (On terminal server, this means each employee using the terminal server)

Parts of the Device List Window

Inserts a new device that can be associated with a users workstation.
Opens the selected device to edit or configure it.
Creates a copy of the current device.
Deletes the device
Generates a report of the devices to the screen.
Exports out a list of the devices.
Device # Unique number assigned to the device, which can then be assigned to a specific workstation
Device Type The type of the device which can include:
Description Description of the device to make it easier to select for a workstattion
IP or Port Parameters The IP address for the device if IP based, or the port parameters if it is a com prt based device (increasingly rare these days)
Port The Port number that the device listens on
Notes Notes about the device, perhasp including serial number, or any history on the device.
Active Indicates if the device can be used.
Outlet-Owner Outlet who owns the Device