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Refunds with merchant profiles enabled

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Merchant Profiles are a feature provided by some merchant providers where, during an authorization:
  • The patron provides the card data to Theatre Manager during an authorization
  • Theatre Manager sends the data to the bank and receives a UNIQUE TOKEN back
  • and the unique token can be used for all subsequent authorizations or refunds, without ever needing the card data again, making it suited for post dated payments for schedule 'C' compliance.

Conditions Action or Workaround
Some cards are accepted and some rejected If you have merchant profiles enabled and cards are being rejected:
  • You may not have a profile for the patron.
Theatre Manger only creates profiles for patrons when they use a card for the first time -or- if you asked Theatre Manager to convert any encrypted card data into merchant profiles after setting the flag.

You cannot create a profile for previously shredded card data.