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Refunds using Merchant Profiles

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Individual Refunds

Refunding using merchant profiles means that you can select a prior card owned by the patron on the payment window based on the last 4 digits. The payment window will appear to show a masked credit card number.

Then submitting the refund for authorization, your merchant provider subjects you to the same rules depending on whether you can do:

  • Independent Refunds: the only difference is you are not typing the credit card and do not need to talk to the patron to get it
  • Linked Refunds: if you pick a card that doesn't belong to the order, you will not receive an authorization


Mass Refunds of tickets to Events

You can do mass refunds of tickets using merchant profiles. TM will attempt to use the merchant profile and apply an independent refund. Linked refunds are currently not supported for mass refund of tickets.


Possible Errors doing Refunds with Merchant Profiles

We recommend doing the refunds first, then authorizing during end of day. This gives you more control over the authorization process. Typical issues that can arise are:

  • Credit card rejected - you will need to call the patron
  • Independent Refunds - you might see these if they are enabled.
  • Linked Refunds - you might see some of these errors if independent refunds are not enabled.
  • Shredded Card Errors - the system might create a payment for a shredded credit card. Naturally, this will be declined. The card can be entered manually during end of day.