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Refunding against Shredded Credit Cards

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In order to do independent refunds, Theatre Manger may be able to use the original encrypted credit card stored on file. However, Credit Cards can be shredded if they have passed their retention period.

Conditions Action or Workaround
Payments without full card data will be rejected with invalid PAN numbers

or that card number has been shredded

If your PCI Settings in Default Data is Schedule C, or D and the retention period for the card has expired, you might see this error.

It means that you attempted to refund to a shredded credit card. The way to refund in this situations is:

  • Ensure you have independent refund capability
  • Call the patron and get their credit card number ending in xxxx
  • Use the following steps to change a post dated payment credit card in any location that it allows it
  • then Authorize the post dated refund in End of Day deposits or Till Balance