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Independent Refunds using Full Card Data (entered)

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Individual Refunds

Refunding using full card data means that you are able to enter the patron's credit card in full and ask for a refund. You should receive an authorization.

Refunding with no previous card on file requires:


Mass Refunds of tickets to Events

You cannot do mass refunds unless you have card data (or a merchant profile) stored in the database. If you find that you need to refund a lot of people and have neither, you can still use the mechanisms described in refunding to an entire performance

  • The best way is by:
    • opening the performance attendance tab
    • selecting tickets to an order
    • and refund on a case by case basis (described in the above link)
  • You can refund all tickets and then create refund payments later -or-


Possible Errors doing Refunds with Full Card Data entered by you

Since you have to be talking to a patron to refund money when typing in the full card data, you are able to ask them for their card data.

Typical issues that can arise are:

  • Credit card rejected - you will need to call the patron
  • Independent Refunds - you might see these if they are enabled.
  • First transaction is a Refund - You might be prevented from refunding as the first transaction of the day - which might need a flag changed.