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Ticket Refund Wizard

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It is highly recommended that:
  • you verify the tickets you want to refund very carefully -and-
  • generally only select tickets for future performances.
This process can refund a lot of tickets and you can't undo the refunds once they are done.
Please refer to Mass Refunds from Attendance Tab to see detail information about the refund options.

This page only outlines the basic steps.


Mass Refund of Tickets from Batch Functions->Unprint or Refund a Batch of Tickets

The Ticket Refund Wizard allows you to refund tickets selected tickets the Unprint Tickets window.

  1. Search for tickets using up to two of: event name, performance date range, type of ticket, season package, etc. Take care that you have found the tickets you want.

  2. Select the tickets you wish to refund. Options include:
    • Refunding only the selected tickets
    • Refunding ALL the tickets in the list, which may cross event and performance boundaries
  3. (optional) Select the option to refund only tickets paid for via Credit Card
  4. Select whether to refund payments.

    Options include:

    • Do not create refund payments. Ticket will be refunded, but the payment will not, leaving a credit balance on the patron's account.
    • Create a payment if a credit card was originally used to pay for the order. This will add a refund to the credit card that was used to pay for the order, and will appear in your End Of Day.
    • Refund the tickets to a donation campaign
    • Refund the tickets to a gift certificate
  5. Click the button.