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Order Balances ...

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The rebuild Order Balances function is used to verify that all orders in the specified range are in balance. This is useful when working through out of balance problems in the End of Day.

This can also be done for one or more orders for a specific patron on the patron's order tab.

  1. From the main menu bar, go to Setup >> Batch Functions >> Order Balances...

    This will open the Verify Order Balances window.

  2. Enter the range of orders to be verified.

    Orders can be verified either based on order number or by a date range of when the order was last changed.

    Optionally, you can have Theatre Manager update the order comments field with the order totals from both before and after the recalculation. By default, this option is selected.

  3. Click the Recalculate Balance button.

    A confirmation window will appear.

  4. Click the Yes button.

    The orders within the range will now be verified and upon completion, the window will close.