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Job List

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The Job List shows a list of functions that need to be run against the database. Sometimes these are part of the upgrade process and need to be run before the upgrade is considered complete.

You can accomplish 3 things on this window:

  • Pause a particular job (jobs dependant on that job will no longer run)
  • Resume any paused job or job that is in error status (assuming the error condition has been fixed)
If a job is stuck in the running state and never ends, or simply will not start, please contact AMS support for assistance.

ONLY AMS SUPPORT CAN RESTART JOBS since we need to see what the job was that failed

If a job looks like it is paused or in error, you may try to use the Set Status button to the status to Resume/Restart Job to see if that clears it up
You can use this window to see a job or jobs that did not run as part of an upgrade.