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Unprint Batch of Passes

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The Unprint Batch of Passes function allows for the 'Printed' flag to be removed from passes (Memberships, Gift Certificates, Vouchers) so that they can be printed again. This is helpful when a batch of passes needs to be reprinted. To access the Unprint Batch Of Passes function:

From the main menu bar, select Setup >> Batch Functions >> Unprint Batch of Passes.

The Unprint Batch of Passess window opens.

Parts of the Unprint Batch of Passes Window

Clicking "Open" with a pass highlighted opens the Membership detail window. For more on the Membership Detail window, click here.
Clicking the Unprint button will set the print status on the selected pass(es) to "unprinted."
Prints the selected pass(es). This option is only available if the selected pass(es) have the print status of "unprinted."
Exports the selected pass(es) to your choice of text or Excel files
Status The current status of the pass
Patron # The Patron Number to whom the pass(es) were sold
First Name The first name of the patron
Last Name The last name of the patron
Company The company of the patron
Description The type of pass
Control # The unique control number of the pass
Date Printed The date the pass was previously printed
Remain $ The remaining dollar amount (if applicable) on the pass
Remain Qty The remaining quantity of admissions (if applicable) on the pass.
Expiry Date The expiration date (if applicable) of the pass
Date Full Redemption The date the pass was fully redeemed (if applicable).
Date Posted The date the sale of the pass was posted to the General Ledger
Order # The Order number associated with the item

Other Fields Not Shown

Membership # The sequence number (not the control number) of the pass within the database
Membership Year-Fiscal The fiscal year in which the pass was originally sold

Unprinting a Batch of Passes

  1. From the main menu bar, choose Setup >> Batch Functions >> Unprint Batch of Passes.

    The Unprint Batch of Passes window opens.

  2. Enter the date the passes were printed in the From and To fields.
  3. Click the Search button to begin the search.

    Any passes printed in the date range given will appear.

  4. Highlight the passes to be unprinted.

    Use the <SHIFT> key to highlight a range of passes. To highlight multiple individual passes, hold the <CTRL> key (Windows) or the <OPTION> key (Mac).

  5. Click the Unprint button to remove the 'Printed' flag.

    The passes can now be added to a new batch of passes to be printed.