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Extend the expiry date of season passes

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If you need to extending the expiry date of selected Subscription Passes or Gift Certificates that are already in the hands of the patrons because the season is cancelled and you want them to use the pass next year, it is easy to do so.

You will need to:

  • Do it one pass type at a time - so you can do subscription passes, then corporate passes, then gift certificates, etc
  • and within each pass type, look for the unexpired ones in the pass/GC setup window - patron tab and select them
  • There is an Extend button on that window (and explained in the above link) that lets you set a new expiry date on the pass or gift certificate
Note: any attempt to try to extend a pass or gift certificate that never expires will be ignored UNLESS you:
  • choose the option to specifically set an expiry date -and-
  • tell Theatre Manager you mean to set the expiry date on 'never-expire' passes/GCs