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Patrons Tab

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The Patrons tab shows you the Patrons associated with the selected Pass G/C and Membership.

Parts of the Patrons tab

Status The status of their Pass G/C.
Order # The Order number of the Pass G/C.
Year - Fiscal The fiscal year the pass g/c was purchased.
First Last and Company Name The patron who purchased the pass g/c.
Control # A Control Number is a number associated with a membership that Theatre Manager uses to identify and track the specific membership within the system. A control number must be assigned with each membership, and is defined in the EDITS tab of the Membership Setup.
Purchase $ The amount (in dollars) of the pass g/c purchased in the order.
Issued Pass Amount The amount (in dollars) of the value of the pass g/c.
Issued Qty. The number of admissions in the purchased pass.
Remain $ The amount (in dollars) remaining on the pass g/c.
Remain Qty. The remaining number of admissions left on the pass/g.c.
Date Renewed The date the pass was renewed or purchased.
Expiry Date The date the pass/g.c. is no longer valid.
Opens the Detail window for the selected Pass G/C for editing. Click here for more information on editing Memberships, Passes and Gift Certificates
Deleted the selected pass g/c, membership from the list and places a refund on the order.
Opens the payment window for the order the pass g/c, membership is attched to..
Write Off If you select a number of the passes in the list and use the write off function against the passes, then any with a remaining balance or quantity will be written off and GL entries created to move the unused portion to unearned income.
Extend If you need to extend the expiry date for a number of passes at one time due to some unforeseen reason, you can:
  • Select the passes or gift certificates that you want to extend the expiry date for
  • Click the Extend button
  • A window will open that lets you change the expiry date. The default expiry options are the same as the current options under the edit tab. In other words, if the pass/GC tab is set to expire:
    • on a specific specific date, so will the dialog
    • never, so will the dialog
    • in a certain number of months, so will the dialog - please make sure that you enter the number that you wish to extend
    • You can change the expiry from never expires to a specific date for the pass, if you wish

    Note: any attempt to try to extend a pass or gift certificate that never expires will be ignored UNLESS you:

    • choose the option to specifically set an expiry date -and-
    • tell Theatre Manager you mean to set the expiry date on 'never-expire' passes/GCs

You muse have extend a pass permission in employee function setup.

To refine your search for the correct pass g/c, membership, you can choose from the top down list, enter text and click the Search button.