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Valid Plays Tab

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The Valid Plays tab allows you to indicate which events the membership is able to be redeemed for. You can restrict the use of the membership to specific events simply by adding them here. An unrestricted membership would have no events listed.

In addition, there is an option to allow over-riding the event settings when each individual pass/GC is sold. If checked, then the events in the pass/gc Valid Events list takes precedence.

Parts of the Valid Plays tab

Allow Setting Valid Plays Normally, this list indicates which events that any patron holding a valid instance of this pass is able to use it for -or- the list is bank so that the pass can be used for any events.

However, if you Allow Setting Valid Plays on each Pass/GC, it means that at the time when a pass/gc is sold to a patron, you can over-ride the events in the list and specify a subset of the above (or completely different set) as per the rules below

When the flag is enabled:

  1. If you have events in this list, then the box office can only pick from items in this list - in other words the pass must be a subset of this list. Examples:
    • You might use this for scholarship passes. You can indicate in the pass type which items the scholarship can be for -- and then then attached to a patron, limit it to one of the events.
    • For actor passes, you can set which event they can come to -- and restrict it to the event they are working on - or some other events, that may exclude a big show.
  2. If you have no events in this list, then the box office can pick from any event. This is useful for limiting free passes to one event or scholarships to be redeemed for a certain class or range of classes
Play # Sequence number of the event within Theatre Manager.
Year Season year of the event.
Play Code The Event Code as defined in the Event Setup.
Play Title The title of the event as defined in the Event Setup.
# Perf. Total number of performances for this event.
Allows you to add an event / play to the list.
Deleted the selected play/event from the list.

To Add an Event / Play to the list, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click the button.

    The Event List (lookup) opens.

  2. Click the icon to generate a list of events.

  3. Highlight the events you want to allow for this membership.
  4. Click the button.
  5. Continue adding events as appropriate.