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Valid Play List

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The Valid Plays tab allows you to indicate which events this specific pass/gift certificate can be redeemed for. Leave the list blank to restrict the events to anything specified on the pass type.

Note the following general rules:

  • You cannot select events lays here if the pass type does not allow them to be over-ridden for the individual passes/GC's
  • If the pass setup has
    • no events specified, you can select any events for each specific pass
    • specific events in its list, them you can only choose from that subset for the individual passes

Parts of the Valid Plays tab for Individual Pass/GC

Play # Sequence number of the event within Theatre Manager.
Year Season year of the event.
Play Code The Event Code as defined in the Event Setup.
Play Title The title of the event as defined in the Event Setup.
# Perf. Total number of performances for this event.
Allows you to add an event / play to the list.
Deleted the selected play/event from the list.

To Add an Event / Play to the list, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click the button.

    The Event List (lookup) opens.

  2. Click the icon to generate a list of events.

  3. Highlight the events you want to allow for this membership.
  4. Click the button.
  5. Continue adding events as appropriate.