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Finding a Membership, Pass,G/C using the Control Number

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A Membership, Pass,G/C can be located using the Control Number in the Contact List window. A Control Number is a number associated with a Membership, Pass,G/C that Theatre Manager uses to identify and track the specific membership within the system. A control number must be assigned with each membership, and is defined in the EDITS tab of the Membership Setup. For more information on Control Number setup click here.

  1. Click the Contact List button in the toolbar.

    The Contact List window opens.

  2. Change the search option to Control Number.

  3. Enter the Control Number to search for.
  4. Click the Search button.

    The results fitting the parameters are displayed.

    To access the Membership, Pass,G/C double-click on the patron and click the Membership, Pass,G/C tab.