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Access Cards

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Membership Cards can be used to grant access to a membership by multiple people. Much like checking into a hotel, when the clerk asks how many keys you want, Membership Cards (room keys) allow use of a particular membership (or memberships) by a group of people.

Cards can be printed on ticket stock, or can be magnetic swipe cards - which offer an even speedier payment method.

Originally conceived as a movie pass, Membership Cards have applications for all venues and patron types including Group Sales, Corporate Sales, Student body (campus) payments, and other marketing options.

Card assignment is available by clicking the button in the Membership Detail.

When set up appropriately, this can be used to control or manage access to a facility such as for swimming lessons

Examples of Card Use

As a "Film pass"

If the membership is a pass type (for example an "Average Dollar Per Admission") then the card can be used to simply pay for a ticket and will deduct one admission off the pass. If you have a "Family Pass" for a cinema, each member of the family can have their own access card to the Family Pass. A 20-pack of movies can then be accessed by anyone in the family who wants to go see a movie that night, using the card as a payment method.

As a group Gift Certificate

Say for example, a grandmother gives a $1,000 gift certificate to her 3 grandchildren. She tells them "You each have an access card to this account - use it as you will." Each membership card is then tied to the gift certificate, and each time any of the grandchildren use their membership card, the amount of the sale is deducted from the $1,000 gift certificate. The same can be true for Corporate Gift Certificates for employees.