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Deassigning Cards

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To deassign a card, you perform the following steps:
  1. Open the Patron Window.

    Click here to learn how to access this window.

  2. Click on the Pass/G.C. tab.

    Click here for more information on this tab.

  3. Select a Pass/G.C.

    Single click to select it.

  4. Click the Open button.

    The Pass/G.C. Detail window.

  5. Click the Cards button.

    The Cards List opens.

    For a detailed description of this window and it's functions click here.

  6. Select the card to Deassign to the membership.

    Single click on a card to select it.

  7. Click the Deassign button.

    The card will be deassigned from the membership. Click here for more information about Assigning Cards to a Membership.