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Printing Memberships, Passes, G/Cs

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Once a Membership has been purchased it can be printed through the Membership tab. Only memberships with a ticket face association will print, and the ticket face must be based on the Member Data file.

  • For more information on Member Type setup click here.

  • For more information on creating ticket faces click here.
  1. Find the patron who's membership is to be printed.

    Click here to learn how to access this window.

  2. Click on the Member tab.

  3. Locate the membership to print.

    Use the filters in the lower right corner to adjust for

    Valid/Invalid/All Memberships, and

    All Years/Specific Year/Future to locate a specific pass.

  4. Select the membership to print.

    Single click on a membership to select it.

  5. Click the Print button.

    The membership will be printed to the default printer.

  6. You can also print a Membership, Pass or G/C as a form letter, through the Detail window. Click here for more information.