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Redeeming Pass Errors (and correcting)

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it is possible that you can get errors redeeming passes and gift certificates. In general, the message looks like the one to the right. It often means that there is some other ticket that has the pass number on it.

The general cause of errors are

  • You have no passes left to use
  • You have used the maximum redemptions of passes on each event
  • You have used the maximum number of redemptions on each performance
  • The price codes are excluded from use on the tickets
  • In some cases, PASSES (average dollar per admission), the pass was used as a payment previously and then the pass payment was deleted before depositing it. In this case, Theatre Manager:
    • does not take the pass redemption number off the tickets that the pass was used for
    • This is because it has already reduced the price of the tickets - making it an error that the pass cold be used again.
    • The only way to use the pass again is to Exchange or Reprice the tickets containing the pass back to the original price .. and then use the pass


Fixing tickets used on passes where the pass payment was deleted


  • you are told that deleting a pass means that you need to reprice tickets, or
  • you find out that you cannot use the pass on tickets because it has been used already and you are sure it has not because the pass payment was deleted.
Then, find the order containing the tickets, select them, and then change the price of the tickets to put them to what you want them to be... and then use the pass.

You must fix the price of these old tickets otherwise yo'll find that you gave the discount twice to a patron and Theatre Manager will not let you do that.