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Letters Tab

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For instructions to create, edit and manage form letters Click here.

The Letter Tab displays a list of letters or emails that have been sent or are scheduled to be sent to the patron.

Parts of the Letters Tab

Status Status of the letter/email. See the key at the bottom of the Membership Detail window.
Seq # Internal Sequence number of the letter/email.
Status Not Done/In Progress/Done status of the letter/email.
Type How the letter/email was added to the membership record.
Requested By The User who requested that the letter/email be sent.
Notes Title of the letter/email.
RecordsFile Connection The data file the letter/email was drawn from.
Date Begin Date and Time the letter/email was requested.
Date End The Date and Time the letter/email task status was set to 'Done.'
Date Printed If different than the date/time the task was completed, the Date and Time the letter was actually printed.