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Membership, Pass, G/C Details Tab

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Most information in the Membership, Pass, G/C Details tab is predetermined during the setup of the Member Type. For more information on:

Parts of the Membership Details Tab

Membership Details

Type Drop down menu allowing the selection of the pass type to be sold. Click here for more information on setting member types.
Clicking the button brings up any sales notes about this type of pass.
Purchase Amount Total purchase cost of the membership.
Issue Date Date the membership was purchased or last renewed.
Expiry Date Date the membership is no longer valid.
Control # Unique number used to define the membership.
Pass Use Method The method of redemption for the pass type.
Fiscal Year Fiscal year the membership is associated with.
Pass recognition status indicating if the pass was purchased by the individual or the company associated with the file.
Source Editable text field defining why the pass was purchased.
Member Since The date that the pass was purchased.
Printed Date Date the pass was printed.
Printed By Employee initial of who printed the pass.

Play Pass Information

Full Issued Amount Cost of the pass including expenses.
Issued Passes Number of admissions issued at time of purchase.
Used Passes Passes previously redeemed.
In Cart Passes Passes currently in carts online.
Remaining Passes Number of admissions still to be redeemed.
City Dollar value of the city tax.
State/PST Dollar value of the State tax or PST.
Federal/GST Dollar value of the Federal tax or GST.
Total Total cost of the membership including expenses and taxes.
Accesses the Order Payment window.