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Online Discount Suggestions

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A Gift certificate can be created in Theatre Manager to provides a discounted purchase price with a higher redemption value. This type of Pass/Gift Certificate is most often used for things like Black Friday sales. It could be used to provide VIP or Memberships, Boxing Day sales or or other seasonal offerings.

The example below shows how to set up a gift certificate where the patron receives a 10% discount on the purchase cost. You can make it valid or any amount the patron purchases, or limit to a single purchase value.
  1. Create a new Pass in Theatre Manager.
  2. Under the Redemption Rules Tab sent the Redeemable Amount to be the value of purchase. In the example:
    • the Redeemable Amount is $10.
    • In the Purchase Amount field set the value to be 10% less than the Redeemable Amount. In the example the Purchase Amount is $9, 10% less than the $10 Redeemable Amount.

      10% Discounted Pass

  3. Under the Accounting Tab set the Redemption/Expense Account to be the GL Account where the difference between the Purchase Amount and Redemption Amount should be posted.
  4. In the Edits Tab check the box for Value can be changed during purchase.

    By allowing the value to be changed Theatre Manager will calculate a 10% discount on the Pass based on the Purchase and Redemption amounts in the Redemption Rules tab. The difference between these two amounts will be posted to the GL Account outlined in the Redemption/Expense Account field in the Accounting tab.

    Pass Value Can Be Changed