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Entry Zones: setting the order of entry for patrons

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The order of entry is a way to help you manage the order of ingress of patrons into the venue. You may
  • want to seat people at the front middle section of the venue first, followed by aisle seats.
  • have a balcony where you can simultaneously seat people at the same time as the main floor
  • have a number of entrances where you scan tickets that let people fill in different sids of the venue without coming into contact with each other
This feature may seem familiar to the airline boarding process where an attendant calls Zone 1, then Zone 2 etc.

In a venue practicing social distance, the zones should be built in a way that lets people enter with minimal contact, both in lining up outside the venue and entering in. I.e. it wouldn't be price based

You do not need to use zones for managing entry into the venue. However, if you do, the zones will need to be added to the printed ticket faces.
Entry zones can also be typed in or imported in the Seat Names tab since they are part of the seat name table.

Select a range of seats on the map and then click this button. A menu will popup that lets you:
  • Clear the entry zone number/letter from the selected seat(s)
  • Set the entry zone number on the selected seats
Repeat the process as many times as you want to tailor the order of entry into the venue by zones until you have it the way you would like it.
This will animate the entry zones to show you how people will be seated in the venue. The order of display will be 1-9 then A-Z, with a second between each letter.
Clears any default holds from all seats in the pricing map. Use this if you want to start with a clean slate.
Zoom in on a selected section of the map.
Zoom out on a selected section of the map.

Zone will appear by default on the Print at Home Ticket without customizing.