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Verify Social Distance

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It is very important that holds on a venue DO NOT conflict with social distance holds.

In other words held seats for things like lighting boards, ushers, donors, cannot appear as a 'q' hold for a social distance seat. The different types of holds must be mutually exclusive.


Verifying Social distance holds

After you have set up all your social distance holds, you need to verify them against the permanent holds (return to holds) that you have set up for the venue and make sure they do not overlap.

In the image to the right, the Holds button was checked and you can see some of the permanent holds added to the venue. In this example, they are 3 aisle seats on the left side of the venue.

To find out if there are any conflicts with these holds, click the verify button. A conflict is defined as

  • any social distance hold that uses one of these 3 holds as part of their social distance seat holds
  • or, in other words, if you click on a seat to sell as social distance, is this permanent hold seat part of what would be held as a 'q' hold


Message shown for a conflict

After clicking the Verify button on the left, the system will look at all seats to see if there are issues. if it notices any conflicts, you will see an error message that pops up which looks similar to the one on the right.


Heat Map of Conflicts

The social distance map will change to show a 'heat map' to show:

  • which seats conflict with the permanent holds
  • how many times the seat conflicts

In the image to the right, you can see:

  • the numbers 1, 2 and 3.
  • For example:
    • the seat marked 3 means that it conflicts with 3 holds.
    • The seats marked 2 conflict with 2 holds.


Fixing a conflict

In all cases you need to fix these conflicts. In the example to the right, I clicked the seat marked 3 on the heatmap.

It show

  • that the 3 aisle seats that are permanent holds will also turn into 'q' holds
  • when sold - this is a conflict, because when released, they will be returned to hold, which will also return to old any seats that the hold seats are associated with.

To fix the seat

  • select the social distance seats EXCLUDING the the three hold seats as per the image below.
  • Pick the seat in the middle and set the seats as centre of the social distance map
  • repeat for all seats in conflict.
  • click the verify button again to make sure all conflicts are removed.